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Community Sponsorship


We are actively involved in the Burlington community. If you have children or grandchildren in minor sports, you've probably noticed the name 'Brant Transmission' on team sweaters. Supporting the fabric of one's community is what independent business is all about.

And are we ever proud of the young ones. They are our future. Independent business contributes to the quality of life in Burlington in a way that huge corporations cannot. Helping children develop the necessary skills to grow and take their place in society is one of Brant Transmission’s biggest values.

It is nice to know that as our customer, you too are helping to ensure our youth are learning firsthand about team spirit, about reaching goals and striving for excellence. Together we are building a better community.

So, if you are in the stands at a youth game and see Brant Transmission working as a team, cheer loudly for the kids and give an extra cheer for yourself since you are contributing to their development.

Thank you.

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