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Transmission Repair


Taking care of your vehicle is essential to long-lasting and outstanding performance. Despite performing regular maintenance appointments, wear and tear can eventually affect your transmission. Our team specializes in all things related to your transmission whether that is repair, maintenance, or a complete rebuild. Based in Burlington, our transmission services can apply to any make or model. 

If you notice serious issues, such as trouble shifting gears, chances are it is too late for preventative services. The technicians at Brant transmission can help diagnose any large issues and know the telltale signs such as poor acceleration or leaking red fluid to pinpoint further issues from happening.

Our on-site rebuilding services can also help you get any car back on the road again. Call us for an appointment and to receive your estimate today.

Maintenance Services

Avoid transmission issues with regular maintenance for your vehicle. We begin by measuring your car’s current performance and general functionality to see if there is anything that needs service or replacing. Automatic transmission filters and fluid replacements should be replaced approximately every 40,000 km or 2 years but vary significantly among different manufacturers. In addition to filter and fluid, we will check for any wear and damage.

Make sure to check your transmission fluid regularly. If you notice the colour has darkened or has black specs in it, contact us to check up on your vehicle before a bigger problem arises.

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